Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still, I am here

I feel tired. So tired. But this is a different kind. Not the type of tiredness that can be overcome by a night of sleep or a couple cups of coffee. Nor one that can be cured with a simple vacation to the tropics. No. This is another profound tiredness. One which I have felt only rarely in the past. But which of late, has permeated itself through every single vein in my body and which has settled itself into every single nerve ending. I feel it in my bones and limbs as I walk, I feel it in my words when I speak, I feel it in my soul, so heavy. I feel it everywhere. It has become like a looming shadow waiting in the background for the opportune moment to prance on its prey. It leaves no body part untouched and feeds off the insanity that goes on around me and inside me. Slowly and silently, it chokes and stifles the voice within. They fight to death. They fight to death. They fight to death. Yet, I am here. Somehow, I am still here.

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