Friday, December 12, 2008

YES! You heard right...I'M BACK!

Alright. I know that some of you out there (I won't mention any names Karen) are kind of annoyed with me for not having written in so long and gosh where do I start? Well, I think filling y'all in on my life since August will take me a couple of blog posts so let me just start by giving an apology for my unintended and abrupt absence. I've never had a year like this one at school where I am actually fighting for time to breathe. It's crazy! Anyway, I'm just glad because it's my last year and after this I'm free baby! Well, not so much but you get my drift. So anyhoo, I'm very super excited to be catapulted back into the blogging sphere now that I have a three week break! Yay! And for now, I think I'll just wish my fellow Kenyans a happy Jamhuri day! Oh yeah and Congratulations President Elect Obama! YEA-UH!


krk said...

glad you're back.... now STAY BACK!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back!