Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Riding the Rocket is NOT the better way!

NO ONE should have to wait one whole hour for a bus! Especially on a cold cold snowy winter's night! Yuh heard?! Last night I thought my toes would literally freeze up. And they almost did. This particular bus that I take home everyday is notorious for keeping people waiting but yesterday I think it must have hit it's best record yet with ONE HOUR! Well, in actuality there were two buses in one hour. The first one arriving after thirty five minutes quickly filled up as was to be expected and who knew the next one would take so damn long?! Downtown for goodness sake? And what makes this whole thing worse, is that it is not an irregular occurrence. Some particular streetcars are also infamous for this! Arriving after half an hour and all three of them turning out to be suddenly full! It's absolutely ridiculous! Can anybody say structural violence?? The TTC system really needs to be revamped so that it can actually work! Because as of now, it's not working and Riding the Rocket is definitely NOT the better way! I don't know why anybody who has the power to do something about it, does not realize this. Probably because they don't have to take the TTC on a regular basis. I am up to my neck sick of waiting and waiting in the cold for that long! Especially now that temperatures are dropping. What are people supposed to do? Seriously, the TTC needs to get it's act together! The current one is growing old and it won't be too long before people have had enough.

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