Friday, August 15, 2008

'WANTED' The Movie: Racist? Fascist?

'You're WANTED. To join us. A lethal and somewhat 'secretive' operation that lets no one get in it's way that is void of all reasoning so it is harder to question us. Oh yah, and if you want to join us, you have to be a man since there is only room for one woman (a dangerous assassin with lots of tattoos and scars to prove it). This is also preferably for those who feel worthless and feel like they're not doing anything 'real' with their lives.' The message is clear from the beginning of this movie. Especially in the context of the current global political climate.

Seriously. What are we being subjected to? I am honestly so SICK and TIRED of hidden political agendas and racist undertones in mainstream Hollywood movies. Why can't I just go to a movie and enjoy it without being constantly put down and being told that I'm a loser? Is it too much to ask? Personally, I have always been a fan of Angelina Jolie movies - from her days in Gone in Sixty Seconds and Tomb Raider. So naturally, I was looking forward to seeing another action flick with her despite bad movie reviews and friends' advice not to see it. Well, let me be the one to say this. DON'T GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVEN'T' ALREADY! Unless of course you want to understand what I am talking about. As though the atrocious dialogue, bad acting and far fetched stunts were not enough, they have to go and describe one of the prominent characters in the movie who 'just happens' to be black and is played by Morgan Freeman, as "just a thug who can bend bullets." This line is delivered by the main character who 'just happens' to be white and is played by James McAvoy.

The story line is ludicrous, poorly thought out, unbelievable and it becomes clear who this movie is intended for and the purpose it is meant to serve. 'The Fraternity' is supposed to be a 'brotherhood' if you will, of assassins who get their orders from a loom. Yes you read right, a loom. Apparently, this loom is supposed to contain a 'code' which they decipher and somehow magically find the names of the people they are supposed to kill. And for what? Apparently to serve destiny. As though this isn't absurd enough, the main character feels the need to address the audience as 'losers' when he says "Six weeks ago, I was a loser just like you" and the finishing line of the movie towards the audience "What the fuck have you done lately?" As though the only thing I need to do with my life in order to feel accomplished is become an assassin and kill people. It is over the top with all the propaganda being thrown at the audience disguised as just an action flick with Angelina Jolie. Another line that manages to be surreptitiously sneaked in is "Kill them all and let fate sort out the mess" This is also delivered by the main character as he plots his revenge.

What is more puzzling to me is that Common would choose to be in a movie like this. Up until now, I had so much respect for Common as an artist who tells and speaks the truth. To think that he, knowing full well what the movie is about and it's intentions, would accept such a role is quite disappointing. Then again, how much choice do we really have nowadays?


Andruid said...

Though I haven't seen the movie from the trailers it seems the whole project is a rather shameless attempt to suck money out of the people's pockets by blowing them away with excess CGI. Hence the sad fact that other aspects of film making such as, the plot, the acting, and yes even the characterization either undercooked or even abused all together. Hurray Capitalism!

Mats Svensson said...

I too just saw this mindless fascist piece of shite.

Binary kill assignments handed down from looms?

Just what the world needs: more ways for idiots to get marching orders from invisible friends.

And not since Ronin, have I seen as many innocent bystanders, men women and children, crushed and killed so that the “heroes” could go really really fast.

To think that the message is supposed to be one of self improvement and “taking control of your life”.

The most positive thing for the world that whiny little massmurderer wannabes like the main character could do, would be to kill them selves first.

I could just see him in 1930’s germany;
“Oh they are evil? Kill them you say? But why? Because you say so? Ok then! Mmm, its FUN to be in a club.”