Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oscar Grant: A Case of Pre Meditated Murder?

I've been thinking a lot about the issue of Oscar Grant, watching the YouTube clips over and over again and wondering what could have gone on in the police man's mind and make him reach the conclusion that it was alright to reach for his gun, cock it, and shoot Oscar Grant in the back. I know about police brutality. We see it on the news almost every day. But this was not a case of police brutality. This was a case of cold blooded murder. What is worse, was the excuse given. To me, mistaking a gun for a taser would have been the same thing as mistaking a gun for a cell phone. That is beyond ludicrous to me. They do not look or feel the same, they do not work the same way, you do not hold them the same way let alone in the same hand and you surely do not get up to position yourself, and cock it if it's a damn taser! This officer should be sentenced for first degree cold blooded murder!

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